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 History of the World

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PostSubject: History of the World   History of the World I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2018 9:18 am

History of the World Yin-ya10

The Creation of Riviania
In the beginning there was only Life and Death, Yin and Yang, Good and Evil; The Balance, as they were called. Ever in a constant dance across the endless Void that encompassed all around them. Only their dance offered illumination to the devouring darkness, constantly seeking engulf the last visages of light. Seeking to battle the darkness, the two entities created the stars which formed the constellations. Creatures made from the light of the stars to combat the darkness and defend The Balance, while the two continued to create their resting place from their long dance. From their very flesh the created the lands, connecting it all by pinching to the two ends together; so firmly that it ignited tip and caused it light like a candle; . This offered the first source of light to exist on this land created by The Balance. Upon stepping onto the very surfaced they created, they found it dry and arid; and the ignited mountain scorched the land with its molten blood. The creatures born from this world all monstrous in size and fearsome of visage. All creatures of the darkness and flame, for these were the first children of The Balance. However, they were primal in nature and thinking and showed no signs of changing their nature. Disappointed, one spoke, "Destroy them, for they are nothing more than the Void made flesh." The other spoke, "Let them live, all things change with time and not even the future can be certain." Thus The Balance decided to let the First Ones live, and instead created something that would bring balance to the land they created.

First they the used the molten rock to encompass of the land within it, letting out just enough on the outside to continue to build upon the shell. This was done until the once hellfire landscape, was now hidden and buried under a massive rock prison for all eternity. Sadden by this, One shed tears for the those that were left behind; for those capable of flight survived this sentencing and now roamed the surviving lands. The tears covered the land until there was little to nothing remaining, only the highest peaks remaining untouched by the rising currents. Unknowingly to all giving birth to the god, Water, who stretch himself like the void to engulf all.  To calm the other half of the Balance, the other created the sun as a way to remember the hellscape that was now buried. While it did serve to calm the other, every so often the sadness would return; giving birth to goddess called Rain. Now calmed, the sun forced the waters to recede and large chunks of land began to rise from the waters. Over time the land began to become lush and green, and new life began to sprout once again. Surprised by this, as the Balance played no part in this, it was discovered that the creation of the first god had also come as a result of new coming to be. She was the goddess, Rivainia, she who is a creator god and first child of The Balance. Giving birth to the trees, plants, and animals; even given a place in the world for the few creatures that survived the hellscape. She created a place for all within her dominion and ensured the balance of life was maintain. In order to ensure that the land wouldn't be burned from the heat of the sun, The Balance made the sun to revolve around Rivainia. However, when darkness came this scared Rivainia that her children would not survive the void's gaze. In order to calm her, The Balance created the Moon to revolve around Rivainia opposite the Sun and provide light for the constellations; who fought their eternal battle against the Void.

From this came god Day, the son of the Sun and Rivainia and Night, the daughter of the Moon and Rivainia; this bringing so much joy to Rivainia she birthed another son with Water. This gave birth to the first man, standing as tall as trees and and served were to serve as keepers of the land that Rivainia had created. Rivainia armed them with the knowledge of all things within her realm and the power to command it at their whim. They were called the Reignians, the origin of all beings, and they set out into the world creating wonders in their wake. They tamed all the beasts within the realm, until they came upon those that descended from the First Ones. These creatures, while not as monstrous in size to their ancestors, were still living calamities all the same. For they possessed powers that even Rivainia herself was unfamiliar with, more ancient than herself. Unattended after being giving a place in the world, they swelled within the lands that are now the Bardoca Desert. Though surrounded by the Reignians on all sides, their power gave pause to an idea of battle; fearing the safety of the world. So a truce was made, uneasy, with the Reignians and Conquorians, the name the descendants of the First Ones adopted. In order to ensure that they could keep an eye on the Conquorians, a massive mountain range was erected from the ground and named Nogardia; named after its creator, said to be the most loved by the stone.  It was here that they would create their home, on the highest peaks that sit above the blue embrace of Day or Night's invisible vale.

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History of the World
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